The Whispers Of War

The Whispers Of War

By: Julia Kelly

Pub Date: 01/14/2020

4/5 Stars

Yay to 2020!!

My first book to read for the year was The Whispers Of War by Julia Kelly I received an ARC from Gallery Books and Bibliofinder. I’ve started to be more and more of a historical fiction lover. The Whispers Of War did not disappoint one bit. It began with telling the story of three friends who go by the names of Nora, Hazel and Marie. These three childhood friends find themselves amongst the beginning of World War II. In the book the reader finds out the background of each women Nora who is a socialite and attends fancy balls and social outings. Hazel who works as a matchmaker and matches men and women who may have similar likings. Marie who was initially born a German but had been living in England since she was the age of 12. Throughout the book the three women hear more and more talk of the war and the internment camps. Marie is the one who is in true danger considering she was technically born a German and is an alien. When Marie becomes in danger of being taken to an internment camp the girls will do anything to protect her. Which then make the women think up an unimaginable plan in order to save Marie from the danger she may be in. During WWII the standards for a women was set and stone and they were not to be changed. However Nora, Hazel and Marie may just change the roles that women play. The whispers of War doesn’t have one timeline but two when Samantha is introduced as needing to travel back to England as a request from her deceased grandmother Marie. It is then that she meets Nora who sends Samantha back into time and tells a story of a lifetime. Along with Nora we see a romance start to blossom between Samantha and Noras Grandson. Overall The Whispers Of War was well written, I found the transitions from past to present flowed very well. I loved the fierceness of each women and the story behind them. I felt Julia Kelly dipped her feet into each section of the book equally love, war and sacrifices.

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