Author: Constance Sayers

5/5 Stars

A Witch In Time is an experience like no other, based around the main character Juliette LaCompte and her forbidden lover Auguste Marchant. In 1895 Juliette is sixteen years old when she finds herself falling in love with Auguste Marchant the mysterious parisian painter, however Marchant is years older then her and is also a married man. Juliettes mother who is a witch will do anything at any cost to protect Juliette even if it means death. Finding herself having no other choice Juliettes mother performs a curse to keep Auguste and Juliette apart however in doing so she accidentally binds Juliette and Marchant for all eternity making it so they have to live multiple lives in different bodies reliving their tragic love story. In doing so Juliette is given a “guardian” whom relives each life with her he goes by the name of Luke Varner however Luke is no ordinary man he is a demon repaying his own debt and in doing so he finds himself falling hopelessly in love with every new life Juliette lives whether its Nora the Hollywood actress in 1930s, Sandra the musician in 1970s or Helen the present day magazine executive. No matter what form Juliette takes Luke is always their with open arms ready to catch her. The twist to it all is that in each lifetime Juliette passes away tragically and when she is reincarnated into the next lifetime she begins to have dreams which aren’t really dreams there her previous lives. I loved this book so much it had the perfect amount of details in each character. It also captured my attention and left me wanting me more Constance Sayers does an amazing job at switching up the timelines and keeping the readers attention.

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