In Five Years

Author: Rebecca Serle

5/5 Stars

In Five years was such an in depth novel that really makes the reader relate to moments in each and every ones life were we grow. In five years is based in New York when Dannie Kohan a successful corporate lawyers is at the height of her career she finally get the interview of a lifetime and her boyfriend proposes to her in the stunning rainbow room. However when Dannie finds herself falling asleep the night she is engaged she awakens from a steamy encounter with not her husband David but a new man who’s name is Aaron along with a new man Dannie sees in her dream it is 5 yrs into the future and it is 2025. After awaking Dannie realizes it was a dream but it seemed so real, time goes by and Dannie gets busy with her new job and David ends up being the supportive fiance and settles with pushing the wedding back. However time goes by and Dannie soon realizes that four and a half years have gone by and she’s still not married. She soon gets a phone call from her childhood best friend Bella who has made it back to New York from a trip. Bella is a free spirited women who lives with no boundaries like Dannie does they meet for coffee when Bella spills the tea about her new love interest and how she’s head over heels for him. Dannie listens and doesn’t make much of it till Bella invites her and David to dine out with them it is then that Dannie is suddenly shaken Bellas new love interest is her Aaron from her dream 5 yrs ago! But how? Its impossible. Time goes by and Dannie is once again busy with work until Bella starts talking about their childhood and mentions a vacation home they used to go to. So Dannie decides its time for a getaway and she joins Bella and Aaron along with David. While they are their Bella confines in Dannie and tells her the good news she’s pregnant! Dannie is overjoyed she’s never seen her friend this happy and although the encounter in her dreams with Aaron were steamy Dannie knows her boundaries and lets go of the whole situation. They all continue on the nice getaway and once they return home Bella finally makes an appointment however the news she finds out is not what she expected. Bella finds out that she isn’t pregnant she has a high chance of having cancer. This is when the reader really starts to understand the depth of this novel and as the story goes on we see what love is really like along with how important growth is and the truth that we sometimes are afraid of seeing. I loved this novel so much and i loved the rawness of the truth. I would keep going on but i don’t want to ruin the rest of the novel and the evolving of each character and situation that becomes present.

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