The Sun Down Motel

Author: Simone St. James

5/5 Stars

It’s 1985 in Fell, New York Viv Delaney is the new desk clerk at the Sun Down Motel. Taking the job to pay for her big move to New York Viv is optimistic and curious about the Sun Down Motel. Viv will soon find the dark secrets lurking in the night. Along with those she’ll start to get curious on the murders that are happening around her. Fast forward to 2017 Carly Kirk is on a mission to find out what really happened to her aunt Viv and why nothing was ever done. So she takes a trip to the Sun Down Motel to find out herself and when she gets their an opening for a night clerk presents itself to her and she takes the job! However Carly will soon realize just like her aunt Viv that something is not right at the Sundown Motel and she won’t be leaving until she gets to the bottom of it. In this novel we learn that Viv is a simple lady trying to make a living to move to New York however when she starts to notice the women who are dropping around her in Fell,New York she cant help but start to investigate on her own. Soon Viv starts to notice weird noises and on a dark night she gets a rude awakening when she goes out to to the amenities room and suddenly she finds herself being pushed into the blackness of the room. The eery feeling that is brought onto her is hard to not notice and Viv is in extreme fear, the ice machine stops working and she is silent and terrified. Suddenly in an instant the machine comes back on and the door swings open along with a hiss of the words RUN! It is that night that she meets Alma Trent the night officer who shows up when Viv calls for the cops to address a fight between two truckers. As the story progresses Viv and Alma become good friends and we later learn they share secrets. Overall this novel was very well developed i enjoyed the characters and their roles that they played. The dual timeline was great and easy to understand overall i really enjoyed this novel.

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