They Went Left

Author: Monica Hesse

5/5 stars

Germany 1945 the soldiers who liberated the Gross-Rosen concentration camp stated that the war was over. However for eighteen year old Zofia Lederman the war in her mind and body is still going on. Three years have past since Zofia and her brother Abek were sent right away from the gas chambers while the rest of her family was sent left. Zofia promised Abek that they would find each other again but Zofia starts to realize how hard it may be to find Abek in the destruction that was left behind. This book really tore my heart into pieces to really see the struggle that Zofia goes through even after 3 years nothing feels normal. I loved the amount of details that were put into this book. Monica Hesse really makes the readers feel everything Zofia is feeling which really captivated me. Overall this book is great for someone who is into historical fiction.

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