The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Author: Ruth Ware

5/5 Stars

This book was not what I envisioned instead it was so much more. With its secrets and turn of events I was immediately captivated and wanted to keep reading. When Harriet Westaway is going through her many bill notices one evening she stumbles upon a letter addressed to her. After opening it Harriet is a bit shocked to find an invitation to a funeral however it’s not just any funereal it’s her late grandmother Miss. Westaways funeral. Harriet is a bit confused due to the fact that her grandparents had been deceased for over 20 yrs now. But how could this be a mistake it was in fact addressed to her. Harriet finds herself traveling to the funeral and once she arrives she finds herself questioning her past and begins to learn new things that could change her future. I really enjoyed this book it was one of those page turner thrillers that makes you want to just keep knowing more about whats going to happened. Throughout the book I found myself trying multiple times to figure out the huge mystery only to be thrown in a completely different direction. Overall this book is great for someone who really wants a catchy thriller to read. Its story line is great and Ruth Ware does a great job at describing such vivid images throughout the book.

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