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The Water Keeper

Author: Charles Martin

5/5 Stars

One time I loved. With all of me. Emptied myself unselfishly and then she was gone and I never got to tell her… -Murphy Shepherd

Murphy Shepherd seems like just an ordinary man who lives alone on an island were he tends the grounds of a church. What many don’t see is the mourning that Murphy is going through. However when Murphy pulls a women named Summer out of Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway something is awakened inside of Murph’s soul. When he learns about Summers daughter who has gone missing he suddenly finds himself diving deeper into a world he may already know about. This book truly touched my heart in so many ways, Murphy Shepherd is a man of many traits. In The Water Keeper we see just how genuine and selfless Murphy is and along the way we learn the truth and secrets that are kept hidden. I absolutely loved The Water Keeper it was a book that kept me wanting to know more. The story line mixed in modern slavery and the willingness to be a changed man. I loved each character that was brought into the story line and I appreciated the depth that they brought to the overall story. This Novel really had me wiping my tears away following a few chuckles, if your wanting a novel that will pull you in and take you for a ride I highly recommend The Water Keeper.

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