The last garden in England

Author: Julia Kelly

5/5 Stars

Pub date : 1/12/2021

If your looking for a book to transport you through time this is it. You will be taken back to 1907 we’re the very prestigious Highbury home becomes the center of this book. Venetia Smith is just at the beginning of her career as a garden designer when she sets foot into the Highbury home. At the beginning Venetia has no clue how big this project will become let alone how well known she will soon be. Fast forward to 1944 when Beth Pedley arrives at the Highbury home seeking shelter and wanting to feel a sense of belonging. Little does she know when she meets Stella Adderton the cook at the Highbury home the wants of one another become opposite. Stella wants her freedom and by freedom she wants to be rid of the Highbury home. Both of these women’s lives become intertwined and in the midst of it Diana Symonds the current house owner only wishes to turn back time. While grieving in her own way for her husband she turns the Highbury home into a convalescent hospital. These women soon will have secrets that will be left in Highbury to never be uncovered. However in 2021 Emma who is dedicated to transforming gardens gets the chance of a lifetime when she is asked to restore the Highbury gardens. Emma has no clue what secrets she will uncover. This novel was great I love Julia Kelly and her amazing historical fiction books. The imagery is just unbelievable you really get a feeling that you are their at the Highbury home.

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