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The Midnight Bargain

Author: C.L. Polk

4/5 Stars

The Midnight Bargain is a fast paced fantasy book that will really pull you into the world of Beatrice Clayborne. Beatrice is a young sorceress who is in need of becoming a magus however that is against everything Beatrice has been taught. Beatrice lives in a world were women are not allowed to practice there magic abilities instead Beatrice has been preparing for the most important part of her life. Beatrice must select a male as her husband however in doing so she will give up all her rights and abilities to practice magic. Unfortunately Beatrice’s family is in a financial crisis and Beatrice has the ability to secure their future by marrying a wealthy man. Beatrice however will not marry instead she has found a way to secure her families future and practice magic. In a grand scheme to protect her magic abilities Beatrice seeks outs a grimoire in a book shop and when she finds it she feels as if everything will work out until she runs into the Lavan siblings Ianthe and Ysbeta. Ysbeta is also a female sorceress who wishes to not marry and become a magus. Ysbeta tricks Beatrice and takes the Grimoire. Beatrice is desperate to find the Grimoire however what she does not see coming her way is a love interest who happens to be the brother of Ysbeta. Beatrice is then swept away “instantly” by Ysbetas brother Ianthe and must choose between love or herself. Overall I enjoyed this book it was definitely powerful in the sense of women’s equality which today women still are battling. I loved the characters in this book especially Nadi she was a fun character and I also really love Beatrice for her strength to pursue equality. I did receive this book from Erewhon publishing in return for an honest review.

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