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2020 was definitely one for the books with so much change and adjustments that we all had to overcome. My ultimate goals are to really just try my best to find the good in everything as easy as it is to say it also is very hard to actually do. Another goal of mine is to try to incorporate tea into my daily routine. Which brings me to announcement, I am excited to announce I am officially part of Tea Drops ambassador program. I know what your thinking tea? yes you read that correctly tea. In general tea has so many health benefits and I really want to focus on my health as well this year. The great thing about Tea Drops is for starts they are organic pressed tea which means you don’t have to worry about loose tea or tea bags. Its easy and simple you boil the amount of water desired than you simply place the small pressed tea into a cup, pour the water and stir. The tea will dissolve easily into the water and there you have it a hot cup of tea. Another great thing about Tea Drops is they are made in America and they also team up with the Thirst Project to help give water to others around the world who do not have access to it. So if you love tea and would be interested please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my instagram account which you can easily access at the top of my page. I also do have a discount code that can be applied to your final order which is also in my Bio on instagram.

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