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Olive Bright, Pigeoneer

Author: Stephanie Graves

Stars 4/5

In Olive Bright Pigeoneer we meet our heroine of the story, she is charming and smart and goes by the name of Olive Bright. We soon learn that Olive and her dad raise and race champion pigeons however due to Olives dad they are denied accreditation by the National Pigeon service due to Olives dad being hard to work with. But this doesn’t stop the intelligence agents from wanting to work with him. After being approached by an agent Olive and her dad choose to strike a secret deal to use her pigeons in a secret investigation. Alongside this mission is a murder which follows Miss Husselbee which defiantly threw a curve ball at me. Overall I enjoyed this book I am a historical fiction lover so I really loved the history of the National Pigeon service which in fact was real and took place in Britain during 1938-1945. After finishing this book it really made me wonder if this book would be a stand alone or possibly a book two could accompany it. Overall the two story lines in this book are beautifully meshed together. Between the murder investigation and the pigeon war efforts Stephanie Graves did a great job. Their also is a slight romance between Olive and Captain Aldridges which naturally I loved due to being a helpless romantic. This book was sent to me as part of a book tour campaign by bibliolifestyle in return I agreed to post and feature the book.

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