Dragon Blood

Author: Mary Beesley

Stars 5/5

I received this book through Uplit reads and it definitely showed up during a time that I really needed to escape into another world. Dragon Blood follows two young males who go by the names of Cal who is sixteen years old and really just wants to fit in and make his mom proud. However Cal deals with violent tendencies which brings me to the other part of this book were we find out he is the son of a Draco Sang which means he transforms into half human and half beast. The downside of this is if he can’t control his violent tendencies he will grow into a man-beast and be hunted. The second character we meet is Ferth who’s father is the Draco Sang chief. Ferth faces his owns battles just like Cal does however his involves more of an internal struggle due to his more compassionate side, Ferth must become fearless and a warrior. However what one may not see coming in this book is the twist, Ferth and Cal have never heard of one another, yet Ferth is sent to kill Cal. Once he is sent he learns that Cal is actually his brother. If he is to kill Cal he will finally win over his fathers loyalty however that will also mean he will be his brothers killer. This book overall was well thought out the two story lines really meshed well. I also enjoyed the amount of work that went in to developing the characters in this book. I also really enjoyed the development of the world and every detail that went into to the atmospheric surroundings. However the downside to it all is this is just the beginning of a series of books and I must now wait for the second one to come out.

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