Happy Tuesday! I recently became an ambassador for a brand of tea called Tea Drops it was really the best way to start off my new year. Don’t get me wrong I still love my coffee however this year I really wanted to focus on incorporating tea into my daily routine. Tea Drops is such a great company in many ways. First off the tea is ethically sourced and organic. Tea drops also is partnered with a non-profit organization called the Thirst Project which focuses on making clean water accessible throughout the world. All of these make Tea Drops an amazing company.

Not only does Tea Drops have great flavor teas they also have iced tea options like above. This is their Matcha Iced Tea set that comes with a Matcha Green Tea drop and a Sweet condensed milk creamer. With the combination of these two you get a delicious Matcha Iced Tea. In the Matcha Iced tea set Tea Drops teamed up with Copper Cow which is also an amazing and honest brand that produces the Condensed milk that is provided in the set. Both of these companies are proudly owned by women and are overall just great.

Tea Drops is a completely dissolvable drop that is all pressed organic tea this alone helps with the traditional waste that comes with other tea brands. Because this tea is completely dissolvable you eliminate the waste of the products used in normal tea bags. Also it’s extremely convenient you simply place the tea drop into a cup, add hot water and stir three easy steps and you have a cup of delicious tea.

So if your a tea lover or wanting to add tea into your daily routine I highly recommend giving Tea Drops a try. If you do choose to try them out don’t hesitate using my code to receive a discount. Below is the link to their site and my discount code.

Tea Drop Website: https://bit.ly/3rlJnk6

Tea Drop Discount Code : BA-desty20

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