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Lie We Bury

Author: Elle Marr

Pub Date 4/1/2021

Have you ever read a book that completely had you captivated you could not put the book down? Well this book was it for me! I spent the entire day devouring Lies We Bury and it was such a page turner. As some may refer to it as being a “popcorn” read it was just one of those books that had me invested by chapter 1. This book is a murder/ mystery that follows the young Claire or as others may have known her as Marissa Mo. Marissa has a very dark past and always fears others finding out her real identity which is why she goes by Claire. She has just moved to beautiful Portland however while responding to a job ad for a photographer she soon becomes more. Marrisa suddenly finds herself being thrown into a chain of murders that are happening in Portland. however thats not the scariest thing of all while going to her car she finds a note on her windshield that mentions the murders and even claires real name Marissa Mo. See Marissas past isnt one shes proud of she was conceived in a basement with two other women whom she called mother growing up. Marissas mother was kidnapped at a young age and lived her life under ground forced to sleep with the one they called “The Man”. Marrissa and her “sisters” only knew the life of confinement in the four walls of a basement until they make a grand escape plan. Fast forward to almost 20 years of Marissa being free of the basement and “the Man” or so she thought. Portland was supposed to be a fresh start a new place to call “home” until the murders and the note and now Marissa is torn between running away from her past or following the murders and solving a case that seems to hit a bit close to her own. This book was a mixture of Room and The Death Of Mrs. Westaway. It had a great story line and a great main character. I did receive this ARC from MBC books.

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