Anna K Away

Author : Jenny Lee

Rating : 4/5

I received Anna K Away from Book Sparks as part of the Summer Reading Bucket List this year. If I know anything about Book Sparks it is that they put together some of the best reading lists all year round. This year I was lucky enough to be part of the Summer Reading List and I will be receiving multiple books from the list. Anna K Away is the first book I received so lets get into it. Anna K Away is the second book to Anna K a Love Story in the first book we read about Anna and her friends in the Greenwich society. This second book follows Anna K as she is trying to put herself together after she loses her one true love Alexia Vronsky. Anna has no clue how she is supposed to move on so in the midst of it all her dad decides it would be best for Anna to go with him to South Korea. Anna questions this decision and feels as if she’s being taken away to forget everything that ever happened including her beloved Alexia. This second book was very thought out which I appreciated. However the one downside I found was the beginning to me this book was slow at the start and it had me questioning how the rest of the book would be. After reading on everything else in this book was great starting with the plot line along with the getting to know a bit more about each character in the group. Starting off with Lolly and Steven who have managed to move past the cheating scandal that Steven put her through. But we see when Lolly leaves to a theater camp she finds herself drawn to another dancer. We then see Kimmie and Dustin who are trying to figure out sex and the way it fits into their relationship. This sounds odd but everything in their relationship is good except dealing with sex. Finally we follow Bea who I really fell in love with in this book I appreciated the build of her character as well as the vulnerability that Jenny Lee allowed me to see. Bea is always tough however at some point in this book she opens up and you really get to know her and see her heart open to love. Overall this book was great it explored the different sides of grief and the way every person experiences it differently. It also reminded me of the joy one has when learning what it feels like to truly love someone.

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