Anna K Away

Anna K Away

Author : Jenny Lee

Rating : 4/5

I received Anna K Away from Book Sparks as part of the Summer Reading Bucket List this year. If I know anything about Book Sparks it is that they put together some of the best reading lists all year round. This year I was lucky enough to be part of the Summer Reading List and I will be receiving multiple books from the list. Anna K Away is the first book I received so lets get into it. Anna K Away is the second book to Anna K a Love Story in the first book we read about Anna and her friends in the Greenwich society. This second book follows Anna K as she is trying to put herself together after she loses her one true love Alexia Vronsky. Anna has no clue how she is supposed to move on so in the midst of it all her dad decides it would be best for Anna to go with him to South Korea. Anna questions this decision and feels as if she’s being taken away to forget everything that ever happened including her beloved Alexia. This second book was very thought out which I appreciated. However the one downside I found was the beginning to me this book was slow at the start and it had me questioning how the rest of the book would be. After reading on everything else in this book was great starting with the plot line along with the getting to know a bit more about each character in the group. Starting off with Lolly and Steven who have managed to move past the cheating scandal that Steven put her through. But we see when Lolly leaves to a theater camp she finds herself drawn to another dancer. We then see Kimmie and Dustin who are trying to figure out sex and the way it fits into their relationship. This sounds odd but everything in their relationship is good except dealing with sex. Finally we follow Bea who I really fell in love with in this book I appreciated the build of her character as well as the vulnerability that Jenny Lee allowed me to see. Bea is always tough however at some point in this book she opens up and you really get to know her and see her heart open to love. Overall this book was great it explored the different sides of grief and the way every person experiences it differently. It also reminded me of the joy one has when learning what it feels like to truly love someone.

Lies We Bury

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Lie We Bury

Author: Elle Marr

Pub Date 4/1/2021

Have you ever read a book that completely had you captivated you could not put the book down? Well this book was it for me! I spent the entire day devouring Lies We Bury and it was such a page turner. As some may refer to it as being a “popcorn” read it was just one of those books that had me invested by chapter 1. This book is a murder/ mystery that follows the young Claire or as others may have known her as Marissa Mo. Marissa has a very dark past and always fears others finding out her real identity which is why she goes by Claire. She has just moved to beautiful Portland however while responding to a job ad for a photographer she soon becomes more. Marrisa suddenly finds herself being thrown into a chain of murders that are happening in Portland. however thats not the scariest thing of all while going to her car she finds a note on her windshield that mentions the murders and even claires real name Marissa Mo. See Marissas past isnt one shes proud of she was conceived in a basement with two other women whom she called mother growing up. Marissas mother was kidnapped at a young age and lived her life under ground forced to sleep with the one they called “The Man”. Marrissa and her “sisters” only knew the life of confinement in the four walls of a basement until they make a grand escape plan. Fast forward to almost 20 years of Marissa being free of the basement and “the Man” or so she thought. Portland was supposed to be a fresh start a new place to call “home” until the murders and the note and now Marissa is torn between running away from her past or following the murders and solving a case that seems to hit a bit close to her own. This book was a mixture of Room and The Death Of Mrs. Westaway. It had a great story line and a great main character. I did receive this ARC from MBC books.

Partnership with Sudio

Wow it has been a busy couple of weeks here in New Orleans, one thing many may not know about me is I am a full time student + a full time mother. With both of those titles I also am a wife so I do get busy. These last couple of weeks have been full of tons of homework, tests and finals which is why I have been a bit absent on here. However I am back and I am ready to post and share all the new things happening around me. About two weeks ago Sudio reached out to me and wanted to send me their Nio wireless headphones which I was so excited about. So I received the package and I instantly opened it and wanted to give them a try. First off they are extremely stylish and sleek which to me means a ton. Secondly they come in a small compact case that is easily charged by using a usb cord that is provided in the package. Lastly they are extremely easy to use with simple touch and tap movements on the side of the head phone itself. These headphones come with multiple wingtips that are interchangeable which makes it so easy to find the right fit for every users ear. Another great benefit of purchasing Nio headphones is the great care kit that comes with them. I have never seen a care kit given with headphones so this was a first for me. I loved everything about this kit it made cleaning my ear buds easy and quick and ensured the longevity of the headphones. Sudio gave me a discount code to share with my users this code will be below and can be used with any purchase on Sudio.

Discount Code: Desty15

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Tea Drops

Happy Tuesday! I recently became an ambassador for a brand of tea called Tea Drops it was really the best way to start off my new year. Don’t get me wrong I still love my coffee however this year I really wanted to focus on incorporating tea into my daily routine. Tea Drops is such a great company in many ways. First off the tea is ethically sourced and organic. Tea drops also is partnered with a non-profit organization called the Thirst Project which focuses on making clean water accessible throughout the world. All of these make Tea Drops an amazing company.

Not only does Tea Drops have great flavor teas they also have iced tea options like above. This is their Matcha Iced Tea set that comes with a Matcha Green Tea drop and a Sweet condensed milk creamer. With the combination of these two you get a delicious Matcha Iced Tea. In the Matcha Iced tea set Tea Drops teamed up with Copper Cow which is also an amazing and honest brand that produces the Condensed milk that is provided in the set. Both of these companies are proudly owned by women and are overall just great.

Tea Drops is a completely dissolvable drop that is all pressed organic tea this alone helps with the traditional waste that comes with other tea brands. Because this tea is completely dissolvable you eliminate the waste of the products used in normal tea bags. Also it’s extremely convenient you simply place the tea drop into a cup, add hot water and stir three easy steps and you have a cup of delicious tea.

So if your a tea lover or wanting to add tea into your daily routine I highly recommend giving Tea Drops a try. If you do choose to try them out don’t hesitate using my code to receive a discount. Below is the link to their site and my discount code.

Tea Drop Website:

Tea Drop Discount Code : BA-desty20

Dragon Blood

Dragon Blood

Author: Mary Beesley

Stars 5/5

I received this book through Uplit reads and it definitely showed up during a time that I really needed to escape into another world. Dragon Blood follows two young males who go by the names of Cal who is sixteen years old and really just wants to fit in and make his mom proud. However Cal deals with violent tendencies which brings me to the other part of this book were we find out he is the son of a Draco Sang which means he transforms into half human and half beast. The downside of this is if he can’t control his violent tendencies he will grow into a man-beast and be hunted. The second character we meet is Ferth who’s father is the Draco Sang chief. Ferth faces his owns battles just like Cal does however his involves more of an internal struggle due to his more compassionate side, Ferth must become fearless and a warrior. However what one may not see coming in this book is the twist, Ferth and Cal have never heard of one another, yet Ferth is sent to kill Cal. Once he is sent he learns that Cal is actually his brother. If he is to kill Cal he will finally win over his fathers loyalty however that will also mean he will be his brothers killer. This book overall was well thought out the two story lines really meshed well. I also enjoyed the amount of work that went in to developing the characters in this book. I also really enjoyed the development of the world and every detail that went into to the atmospheric surroundings. However the downside to it all is this is just the beginning of a series of books and I must now wait for the second one to come out.

Olive Bright, Pigeoneer

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Olive Bright, Pigeoneer

Author: Stephanie Graves

Stars 4/5

In Olive Bright Pigeoneer we meet our heroine of the story, she is charming and smart and goes by the name of Olive Bright. We soon learn that Olive and her dad raise and race champion pigeons however due to Olives dad they are denied accreditation by the National Pigeon service due to Olives dad being hard to work with. But this doesn’t stop the intelligence agents from wanting to work with him. After being approached by an agent Olive and her dad choose to strike a secret deal to use her pigeons in a secret investigation. Alongside this mission is a murder which follows Miss Husselbee which defiantly threw a curve ball at me. Overall I enjoyed this book I am a historical fiction lover so I really loved the history of the National Pigeon service which in fact was real and took place in Britain during 1938-1945. After finishing this book it really made me wonder if this book would be a stand alone or possibly a book two could accompany it. Overall the two story lines in this book are beautifully meshed together. Between the murder investigation and the pigeon war efforts Stephanie Graves did a great job. Their also is a slight romance between Olive and Captain Aldridges which naturally I loved due to being a helpless romantic. This book was sent to me as part of a book tour campaign by bibliolifestyle in return I agreed to post and feature the book.

Cheers to 2021!

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2020 was definitely one for the books with so much change and adjustments that we all had to overcome. My ultimate goals are to really just try my best to find the good in everything as easy as it is to say it also is very hard to actually do. Another goal of mine is to try to incorporate tea into my daily routine. Which brings me to announcement, I am excited to announce I am officially part of Tea Drops ambassador program. I know what your thinking tea? yes you read that correctly tea. In general tea has so many health benefits and I really want to focus on my health as well this year. The great thing about Tea Drops is for starts they are organic pressed tea which means you don’t have to worry about loose tea or tea bags. Its easy and simple you boil the amount of water desired than you simply place the small pressed tea into a cup, pour the water and stir. The tea will dissolve easily into the water and there you have it a hot cup of tea. Another great thing about Tea Drops is they are made in America and they also team up with the Thirst Project to help give water to others around the world who do not have access to it. So if you love tea and would be interested please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my instagram account which you can easily access at the top of my page. I also do have a discount code that can be applied to your final order which is also in my Bio on instagram.

The Midnight Bargain

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The Midnight Bargain

Author: C.L. Polk

4/5 Stars

The Midnight Bargain is a fast paced fantasy book that will really pull you into the world of Beatrice Clayborne. Beatrice is a young sorceress who is in need of becoming a magus however that is against everything Beatrice has been taught. Beatrice lives in a world were women are not allowed to practice there magic abilities instead Beatrice has been preparing for the most important part of her life. Beatrice must select a male as her husband however in doing so she will give up all her rights and abilities to practice magic. Unfortunately Beatrice’s family is in a financial crisis and Beatrice has the ability to secure their future by marrying a wealthy man. Beatrice however will not marry instead she has found a way to secure her families future and practice magic. In a grand scheme to protect her magic abilities Beatrice seeks outs a grimoire in a book shop and when she finds it she feels as if everything will work out until she runs into the Lavan siblings Ianthe and Ysbeta. Ysbeta is also a female sorceress who wishes to not marry and become a magus. Ysbeta tricks Beatrice and takes the Grimoire. Beatrice is desperate to find the Grimoire however what she does not see coming her way is a love interest who happens to be the brother of Ysbeta. Beatrice is then swept away “instantly” by Ysbetas brother Ianthe and must choose between love or herself. Overall I enjoyed this book it was definitely powerful in the sense of women’s equality which today women still are battling. I loved the characters in this book especially Nadi she was a fun character and I also really love Beatrice for her strength to pursue equality. I did receive this book from Erewhon publishing in return for an honest review.

The last Garden in England

The last garden in England

Author: Julia Kelly

5/5 Stars

Pub date : 1/12/2021

If your looking for a book to transport you through time this is it. You will be taken back to 1907 we’re the very prestigious Highbury home becomes the center of this book. Venetia Smith is just at the beginning of her career as a garden designer when she sets foot into the Highbury home. At the beginning Venetia has no clue how big this project will become let alone how well known she will soon be. Fast forward to 1944 when Beth Pedley arrives at the Highbury home seeking shelter and wanting to feel a sense of belonging. Little does she know when she meets Stella Adderton the cook at the Highbury home the wants of one another become opposite. Stella wants her freedom and by freedom she wants to be rid of the Highbury home. Both of these women’s lives become intertwined and in the midst of it Diana Symonds the current house owner only wishes to turn back time. While grieving in her own way for her husband she turns the Highbury home into a convalescent hospital. These women soon will have secrets that will be left in Highbury to never be uncovered. However in 2021 Emma who is dedicated to transforming gardens gets the chance of a lifetime when she is asked to restore the Highbury gardens. Emma has no clue what secrets she will uncover. This novel was great I love Julia Kelly and her amazing historical fiction books. The imagery is just unbelievable you really get a feeling that you are their at the Highbury home.

The Water Keeper

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The Water Keeper

Author: Charles Martin

5/5 Stars

One time I loved. With all of me. Emptied myself unselfishly and then she was gone and I never got to tell her… -Murphy Shepherd

Murphy Shepherd seems like just an ordinary man who lives alone on an island were he tends the grounds of a church. What many don’t see is the mourning that Murphy is going through. However when Murphy pulls a women named Summer out of Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway something is awakened inside of Murph’s soul. When he learns about Summers daughter who has gone missing he suddenly finds himself diving deeper into a world he may already know about. This book truly touched my heart in so many ways, Murphy Shepherd is a man of many traits. In The Water Keeper we see just how genuine and selfless Murphy is and along the way we learn the truth and secrets that are kept hidden. I absolutely loved The Water Keeper it was a book that kept me wanting to know more. The story line mixed in modern slavery and the willingness to be a changed man. I loved each character that was brought into the story line and I appreciated the depth that they brought to the overall story. This Novel really had me wiping my tears away following a few chuckles, if your wanting a novel that will pull you in and take you for a ride I highly recommend The Water Keeper.